How much should I pay for child support maintenance?

You and your partner can make a private agreement that determines how much amount should be paid. For more details you can also use child maintenance options calculator. If you do not want to agree on an amount, CSA can work out a mutually consented amount for the child’s well-being.

What are the options available through child maintenance and how can they help me?

It is a national service that is accessible for separated or separating parents. It provides required information and support that may solve issues, also it can help you to:

  • Understand upkeep costs, agreement and arrangement
  • Comprehend pros and cons of different options
  • Estimate child’s maintenance cost that you might receive or pay using online calculator
  • Resolves various child maintenance issues

What information does the CSA require for calculating maintenance cost?

To understand a child’s requirement the upkeep costs should be calculated. CSA gathers required basic information from both parents for this purpose. This information includes:

  • Contact details of both parents like phone numbers and full address
  • Income of non-resident parent
  • The number of children who require child maintenance cost etc.

What happens if I don’t agree with the CSA’s calculation?

If you disagree with the CSA’s calculation, you can appeal against the decision. To do so you’ll have to write a letter filling the details. This includes:

  • Reference number of your child maintenance
  • What decision you want to appeal against
  • The date the decision is made
  • Reasons why you disagree

If you still continue to be dissatisfied with the CSA, you can approach an independent court to re-examine the decision.

How do I benefit by using your service?

We are just a directory service. By dialling the child support guide number, you will be connected to the nearest child support office in your city. Our experts have designed a comprehensive list of these “not so easy to find” phone numbers of these offices just for our customers so that we can help them serve better and faster providing effective information.

Can I use the services of CSA?

Yes, you can use the services, if:

  • You are the paying parent
  • You’re the parent with whom the child resides
  • Grandparent of the child or a custodian
  • A child staying in Scotland

Can CSA help me get child maintenance if my ex-husband lives abroad?

If the paying parent lives outside the United Kingdom, CSA can assist only when the person:

  • He/she is in civil service
  • Is in-service under HMDS department
  • Works in the Armed Forces
  • Employed in an organisation that is UK based and is registered therein
  • Is working as a local authority, regional health authority or on abatement for any prescribed body

Our child support phone number can help you find out other and more information on this.

Which children are covered under the child maintenance programme?

Child maintenance covers children who are:

  • Below 16 years of age
  • More than 16 and below 20 if they are undergoing full time education (non-advanced)
  • Not in a civil relationship or married

How can I initiate the maintenance agreement?

Private Agreements for Child Maintenance can be made between parents themselves. But, you may apply to the CSA or Child Support Agency if you deliberate whether the agreement will work for you or not.

To know more about application guidelines, contact the child support agency through the child support guide number 0843 116 0010.

Will I receive any spam messages from you?

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